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    I out of the blue am getting an error message on Treo 600. Can any one help with ideas of what to do? help is appreciated.
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    Hello dbldog,

    Kevin from palmOne here. This may go without saying, but always best to start at the beginning when troubleshooting. Can you confirm that you do not have the special version of the 600 that does not have the camera? I only ask because this error message ('Error: The camera driver was not found or could not be loaded') is generally associated with phones made available for users who may work in secure or sensitive buildings, government facilities and areas where camera phones are not allowed. The message will appear every time you try to launch the Camera application.

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    I have a Treo 600 and the camera worked fine when it was first puchased. But now it say's camera.drv missing or not loading everytime I attempt to use it. If this info helps, I have Spring PCS and the recently did a firmware upgrade, maybe it is possible this caused the problem. Anyway redid the the firmware upgrade but the camera still does not work. Is it possible to download this driver and install it on the Treo?

    Thank You:
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    Yes thank you it is a camera enabled Treo. I have often used the camera in the past, but just the other day when I went to use the camera I got that specific error message.

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