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    The Seidio G2100H Car Kit allows users to drive in complete comfort. It is designed specifically to securely hold and charge your Treo600 while driving. The G2100H Car Kit also has an audio jack which serves the extension of the Treo600 phone jack.

    The Seidio G2100H Car Kit provides you with these added benefits:

    • Model specific - Simply slide your Treo600 into the mount without having to plug in additional wires and cables.
    • GPS ready – Plug the optional GPS wired receiver directly into the cradle for charging and connect it to the Treo600 to eliminate expensive Y-cables.
    • DC Out port – An additional port for charging your cellular phone or additional PDA using the Add-On Charging Cable.
    • Line Out port – Serves as an extension of the phone jack. You may use this port to connect our Bluetooth headset, standard headset, Seidio 2-in-1 Headset or Seidio FM Transmitter.
    • DC power - Supplied either from the cigarette lighter socket or the unit can be hard-wired directly into the car’s electrical system (12V – 24V).
    • Provides loud and clear MP3 stereo playback and GPS commands through your car stereo speakers, by using the following inputs (not included):
    o FM transmitter - We recommend using Seidio’s FM transmitter, designed specially to work with the kit.
    o Cassette adapter
    o Auxiliary car stereo input
    • 360 degree swivel adaptor - Ensures maximum driver/passenger readability and viewing.
    • Mounting solutions - With the pedestals included, users can mount their Treo600 in a variety of ways based on their personal preference or vehicle interior.

    For more information about this product, please visit:
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    Free future upgrade to a Treo 650 mount????????????????????
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    i think car kits for 650 will be created but no upgrade will be possible
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    Quote Originally Posted by seidioseidio
    For more information about this product, please visit:
    The link you provided doesn't work.
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    Given the number of these car kits that you now have, I recommend adding a feature comparison page to your web site to make it easier to determine the differences between the models.
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    Hi Txdot,

    The link is working now.


    We posted a comparision chart on Treocentral under Treo 600 hardware. We will add the chart on our site. Thank you for letting us know.


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