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    Jeff Hawkins on CNBC's Powerlunch sometime after 12 noon today.

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    Thanks for the heads up.
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    Based on the stock price action and one unverified comment elsewhere on what happened on the show, he didn't inspire the troops with a subtle intro of The Next Big Thing.
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    Down less than 1 percent isn't much of anything. Small enough that it's probably unrelated to anything on Power Lunch.
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    I'd watched the show. All Hawkins talked about was his research into human intelligence and what new discoveries he was hoping to fund... he wasn't really playing for PalmOne at all.
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    Was he holding a treo 650 by chance?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gryphone
    he wasn't really playing for PalmOne at all.
    According to an ancient post right here on TreoCentral, Jeff Hawkins WAS a one-day-a-week PalmOne CTO (who knows how little he is a PalmOne CTO now!) - as such, not playing for PalmOne on that show is understandable.

    What isn't understandable, of course, is why a financial/stock-oriented show let him on and not play for PalmOne in the first place!

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