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    Have any of the folks who have been privileged enough to get a hands-on experience with the 650 determined if it will, in fact, have the Hands-Free Bluetooth profile (and not just the Headset profile)? My Acura is dying to mate with a phone...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Argelius
    My Acura is dying to mate with a phone...
    Man, I sure hope all that Area 51 stuff is crap, because if aliens are really monitoring our communications....
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    Nokia Europe has a really neat car kit that supports the remote SIM profile that allows the carkit to have a hard wired antena for improved reception while still allowing the car kit to work over the BT connection, but it supports only 900/1800 at this time :-(
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    Please, please, please come with a working handsfree profile. I also have a 2004 Acura TL and I simply refuse to own a phone that doesn't work with my beloved car anymore.

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