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    Is anyone using SlimServer to stream their desktop PC mp3 collection to their Treo 600? This is something I'm very interested in doing, but before I begin the process I just wanted to see if anyone else is/has done it and what was their results. How difficult was it to setup? Can I just access the player webpage in Blazer and then have it play in pTunes? Or is it more complicated than that? Also, my desktop PC has a dynamic IP address, has anyone used a dynamic to static IP service (like no-ip) in conjunction with SlimServer?
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    I tried setting up SlimServer to use with my treo, however in order to do that I needed the SlimServer to downgrade the mp3 files automatically (as treo bandwidth is limited). It actually has an option to invoke 'lame' (by editing a conf file). I could not get it to work. I got as far as SlimServer starting up lame process and lame converting the file, but after this was done, SlimServer never served the file. I finally gave up. I wish there was an option to filter a file thru another executable in IIS or apache. I don't need feature of ID3 tag recognition etc.. provided by SlimServer as my music is organized by folders, so I can just tell IIS/apache/other web server to export my top level directory and let user browse by the directory tree.

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