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  • Connectivity - Internet, mail

    23 23.71%
  • Store more phone numbers

    0 0%
  • Bigger form factor and screen

    5 5.15%
  • Keypad easier to type SMS

    2 2.06%
  • Combine PDA and phone to one device for easy carrying

    58 59.79%
  • Others

    9 9.28%
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    I've been longing for a Treo 650 ever since I saw the Treo 600. Along the way, as I spoke to many people I found there were many different reasons why some people wanted a PDA phone. Eg.

    - For me, its to check email on the go, sync to Avantgo and combine my phone and PDA.
    - Another chap only wanted a pda phone because his mobile phone could store 200 phone numbers and he wanted something that could store more numbers.
    - My dad wanted one because most normal phone have very small screens and he can't understand how to type SMS with numbers
    - My mum wanted one because most phones were so small that she kept losing her phone

    What are reasons can you think of to want a PDA phone, in particular a Treo 650?
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    1. High res
    2. Better camera
    3. Any new and better technology that the Treo 600 lacks
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    1. High Res
    2. High Res
    3. High Res
    4. Did I mention High Res?
    5. Bluetooth
    6. More RAM (?)
    7. SDIO WiFi support (hopefully?)
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    I bought my 600 for the combined device, but love it for the connectivity and easy SMS.

    I'll upgrade to the 650 for Bluetooth, primarily.
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    Hi res and BT. Everything else is a bonus.
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    Hi-res screen is a big plus: thinnk about the programs that would greatly benefit- pocket DVD, Splashphoto,movierec,Kinoma,MMplayer,Agendus hi-res icons, not to mention all the games! My Treo 600 is already a great phone and organizer. Now is time to be a great PDA. Honestly, the Tungsten line has everything I want in a PDA except that its fundamentally lacking in what I want: convergence. Isn't that why all of us bought this?
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    Because its 8.3% better than a 600 and 116.6% better than a 300!
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    ... because I'm on my 4th, going to 5th treo600 and i'd love to try another device. i'd go back to the sammy i500, but i had about three of those before i got tired of the bugs. sure, there'll probably be a whole new set of issues, but at least it'll be a different set, heh.
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    Because I need bluetooth for my new Prius!

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    Because new gadgets help me attract women!
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    Sorry, but this poll is flawed because most people have more than one reason why they want a 650.
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    The third option does not make sense, "Bigger form factor and screen". The form factor is not bigger nor is the screen. But I do like the brighter and higher resolution screen.
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    mostly to combine a PDA & a phone as one covenient device. The rechargeable battery on my Sony Clie SJ-20 doesn't hold much of a charge anymore, and I live and die by the info I store in it. Plus it (the 600 for now is the only phone I am considering if I stay w/ VZW...
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    I can answer it in one word: Convergence.

    I had a Palm V and a cell phone and I had half a phonebook on each. So I Kyocera 6035 and 7135 after failing to carry my Palm V everywhere. I got used to my Kyo's ability to sync up to my Mac. My 7135 could do alot of things but so many people seemed like they could do so much more with a seperate PDA. So I tried two dedicated devices again. I'm not the most organized person in the world and it needs to be as easy to setup and maintain as possible. Two devices is an abject failure for me. I need one device that I can carry everywhere that keeps me in sync and organized. The ability to do cool multimedia things is always a bonus. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed having one do-it-all device. I need a smartphone, and so far the Treo is my choice. I would rather have an good phone and an average PDA in one, than 2 excellent devices. At least a converged device will go everywhere I go. I will be looking at everything, but I will make a move at the end of the year.
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    The treo 600 was the closest thing to the perfect high tech device that i've owned so far. It's only drawbacks for me are:

    1) lack of bluetooth
    2) low res screen
    3) somewhat buggy sometimes
    4) horrendous camera

    Other than that I love it. I'm hoping for the Treo 650 to have worked out these issue plus offer compatibility with my Acura TL.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Im So Unpopular
    The third option does not make sense, "Bigger form factor and screen". The form factor is not bigger nor is the screen. But I do like the brighter and higher resolution screen.
    Thats comparing a PDA phone to a phone .. Not Treo 600 to 650. Some people buy a PDA phone because they find the latest phones too small.

    The poll question is "Why do you want a PDA phone" .. and not "Why do you want a Treo 650"
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    Quote Originally Posted by silverado
    Sorry, but this poll is flawed because most people have more than one reason why they want a 650.
    true .. but if I put allow the poll more than one reason, chances are most people will put everything. Unfortunately the poll don't allow only 2-3 choices. But having one choice forces the main driving factor to be chosen.

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