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    Heh, I just noticed that my 3-month old Sprint T600 is not using the entire display area.

    Oddly enough, the entire displayed image appears to be shifted to the left by a couple/three pixels, leaving a black strip down the right side of the display that is very noticibly larger than the similar border strip on the left side of the display.

    Further, it appears that the displayed image has been compressed to fit into the 'smaller' display area. I can see everything, even in the cramped Phone dialer screen.

    Does this sound familiar to anyone?
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    mine's exactly the same.
    Banoo... what's that smell?
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    Palm III > HS Visor > Treo 600 > Treo 650 > Treo 750 > Treo Pro > PrePlus GSM

    "95% of all software issues are due to USER ERROR."
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    Answering my own question:

    Search for "Treo 600 screen is slightly off-center" .

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