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    Earlier today I was corresponding with a Palm software developer who writes software that uses audio on Palm devieces. He mentioned in passing that he has a Treo 650 test unit and that the 650 uses the same headphone jack as the 600, so standard 2.5mm headsets will not work with it.

    I didn't badger him about other specs because I'm sure he's under NDA, just like everybody else.

    Just thought the community would like to know.

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    Um....what are you talking about? The Treo 600 has a standard 2.5mm jack. There is too much plastic around it, which means that some plugs won't stay in all the way. (That's usually fixable by trimming some of the rubber off the plug with an X-acto knife). I am hoping that they've fixed that in the 650, but the 600 does support standard 2.5mm headsets, and I'm sure the 650 will too.

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    Boy, finally some good news about the Treo 650 for a change!
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    Sorry for being so dense, but how is that good news? There were many early complaints that what was needed was teh standard 3.5mm headphone jack for stereo headphones, rather than having to use a reducing adapter to get down to cellphone earpiece 2.5mm size.
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    its good news becuase now we don't have to chuck all of our purchased accesories.

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