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    I'm new to the forums and currently considering a Treo for the office. Does anyone know if the 650 will be coming to Canada (Alberta) anytime in the near future?

    If we're talking about a month or so I might be persuaded to wait. However, if Bell or Rogers aren't going to get the new handsets for six months I might just have to jump the gun and pick up a 600. Incidentally, I was talking to a Bell Mobility rep and he indicated that the Treo 600 just took a substantial price drop
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    They just decreased the price of the Treo 600 from $699 to $549 (CDN).
    I almost bought it at $649 on friday!!
    Glad I didn't.
    I'm planning to wait and see when it get's released in the U.S, then reassess.
    Promising to see the price drop. They are still selling at London Drug's for $875!!
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    I'm just speculating but the fact that they reduced the price would seem to indicate that we're close to seeing the 650's arrival! I just hope I can wait that long!
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    What type of service is there in Canada GSM or CDMA?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cruelpupet
    What type of service is there in Canada GSM or CDMA?
    Both. Rogers and Fido use GSM/GPRS and Bell Mobility and Telus use CDMA. Treo units are sold only at Rogers and Bell Mobility at the moment.
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    The price for a Treo 600 with a 3 year term on Rogers has just dropped from $575 to $400. Seems that Rogers may get the 650 at the same time as the rest of the world after all. Will wonders never cease.
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    I think that you should not have any problems ugrading directly through P1. Just buy an unlocked unit and you should be able to use it anywhere. I went from the 270 to the 600 when it came out on T-Mobile but asked for the unlocked version.

    The only problem I could see, is that they might not deliver right away in Canada (especially early with the stocks being low and the demand being high). When I last upgraded, I was in California...
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    Bell is using CDMA and that is likely what I would stick with as CDMA seems to offer better coverage in Canada. However, has anyone even heard if Palm is initially shipping a CDMA unit?

    Scolidoc, can you even buy an unlocked CDMA unit? Based on the initial reading I had done, I was under the impression unlocking was only possible with GSM handsets.

    I can feel the excitment rising!
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    Sorry Ralishaz. I was not clear. I bought a GSM version. I'm not sure about the CDMA phone (I think some people had some success with Sprint on the Verizon network but this was only anecdotal). As far as coverage is concerned, Rogers seems to be ok. I need GSM as I travel often to Europe. I agree that the CDMA is probably better in terms of speed and sound quality.
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    From personal experience throughout BC, Rogers has horrible quality on their network. However, that's not the fault of GSM -- Rogers seems to use very high compression on their network. Fido offers much better voice quality because they use a superior codec (although the range is not as wide).
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    I had a call from Telus a while ago from one of their Business Sales people trying to sell to our company. He told me that Telus was going to be offering the 650, which I assume will be CDMA. Only thing is I have no idea when this will happen, I see stuff on here about Spring 2005. I don't understand why they wait so long.
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    I have had a Rogers GSM phone for the last three years and the coverage was horrible!!! But i found when i switched to my treo it now works everywhere it didnt before (my own house for instance). I couldn't tell you why but im happy with it now.
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    Of course one distinct advantage of Rogers (GSM) is that you can buy an unlocked GSM 650 direct from P1 in January and then just pop your Rogers sim card into it and away you go, no waiting for the carriers to actually offer the 650 through their stores. With Bell (and Telus if indeed they're finally going to get on the Treo bandwagon) you're pretty much stuck until they have stock. Based on what happened with the 600 that won't be till Spring/Summer. (Although possibly now that P1 has established relationships with Bell and Rogers there won't be the typical Canadian release delay that existed with the 600.)

    Regardless my impatience will probably have me buying an unlocked GSM the second it's available from P1. I'm on Rogers already and I LOVE it, but I'm in Toronto and Rogers coverage here is great, especially with additional coverage I get thanks to the Fido acquisition. (As a Rogers customer I can roam for free onto the Microcell network now and Fido always had better urban coverage.)
    Oh, so they have internet on computers now!
    --Treo 650 unlocked/unbranded with Rogers
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    From experience, you can expect that the Canadian carriers will offer a phone six months after a release in the USA. Thus, I would not expect the Treo 650 in Canada unti late spring / early summer 2005. Rogers will likely get it first, Telus last. Telus always take forever to offer a new phone, especially the smart phones. Look at the release dates of the Kyocera 7135 and the Blackberry devices.

    I have a Rogers Treo 600, bought it the first week it was available. I would be happy to upgrade to a 650, but their network sucks ***. If Telus gets the 650 next year I'll likely ditch Rogers and go back to Telus. Rogers can take their contract and shove it up their a**.

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    I've asked Telus about their line-up of smartphones and they would not comment on which products they will be releasing... it's secret???

    I've asked several vendors here and they say it's very unlikely they will ever get the 650.

    As for the 600 ... I think it's a cool rig and I think it would probably suit my needs (bluetooth for a GPS would be nice) but I just can't digress to the display after using my Tungsten E for a year! It's just not right!
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    I'll tell you Telus' "secret"...I think they order all of thier phones out of a 1999 catalog! LOL...those guys are sooooo behind the times I don't even think they get it. If they come out with the Treo 650 in some kind of timely manner I will be amazed.

    I am a Roger's user...not by choice because their roaming rates and customer service absolutely sucks...but because they seem to always get an exclusive (or at least be first) on the Treo in Canada. I would consider Telus if they had the 650 (but I would miss my European roaming)...or I would even prefer to jump back to Fido...although I am sure their service will soon go down and rates will go up now that they are part of Rogers.
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    I just read (just synched my Avantgo) that Verizon is selling their nearly 20% stake in Telus... ???
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    i've had no problems with my 600 and rogers
    signal strength is strong everywhere i go
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    I have problems in several areas, I went diving yesterday near horseshoe bay. On my way back, I had no signal from horseshoe bay until I was nearly on Taylor way.

    I have also had terrible reception (or none) in parts of south delta and richmond.

    Telus seems to have the best network in Vancovuer, but they don't offer the Treo so it's not an option.
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    I also live in Vancouver (Richmond). I do not currently have a mobile phone (never wanted to be THAT availalbe). Treo has me hooked. I have played around with a few 600s and love them. I check P1's website daily for the GSM 650. The day it is release I am going to order and have it attached to Rogers. I travel from Richmond to Vancouver and into the states down to Mt. Vernon WA quite often. Any idea what reception I have to look forward to? At this point I will put up with reception holes for the Treo 650. There really is no question. Also, does anyone know what the reception is like at the border (Blaine)? When does roaming take over?

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