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    Hello good people,

    Brand new Treo 600 owner here and I've been researching cases for the last few days. The Covertec horizontal has the look I want but I'm curious to know if I could fit a Treo 600 w/Javaskin case into the covertec.

    I'm worried that there isn't any protection from drops of any of kind if your using the Treo outside of the Covertec but if the Javaskin would fit, that would solve that issue.

    Suggestions are appreciated.

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    The Covertec is pretty good but tight, so I wouldn't think it would fit with anything extra.

    BTW, the one problem with the Covertec is the weak magnetic closure.
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    I use the covertec and its the best case out there. vertical hanging is way too geeky for me and the swivals r too flimsy/loose. I can go jogging with the covertec by my side, listening to pTunes with no problem. the magnetic enclosure works fine for me. the treo was meant to me used raw anyway. why would u want to wrap all these ugly unconvenient function hampering things on it?
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    I agree totally with CHiNNuTS. I've had my Treo in a Covertec horizontal case for about two weeks and I'm very pleased. For my purposes, the magnetic closure works prefectly.
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    The Covertec case is by far the best I have used. I have egrips on my treo and when in the case it does not come out. Its a great fit.

    check out egrips it really helps keeping ahold of your Treo.

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    Just received an email reply from Covertec...they will have a horizontal case designed specifically for the Treo 650 available in March.

    Just hought I'd pass this on to the group, as some here had commented that the Covertec 600 case causes the mut switch to move, because of the tight fit.
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