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    I've had my Treo 600 for almost a year (Sprint). About a week ago, it started "hanging up" where the screen freezes for about a minute. This is expecially true when I'm in the phone function. When I push "answer" to answer a call - it just sits there and does nothing.

    Also about a week ago I installed Photobase (I did not plan on doing this - it came with my new Nikon coolpix 5200 and it saw I have a treo and insltalled it automatically). Is this related or a coincidence?

    Any help is appreciated.
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    Yup - suspect extra software. The simplest way to do this is to hard reset the device and see if it still behaves this way.

    Did you add a background picture by any chance? Given that you just got a camera, this seems likely. If you set a background picture that you uploaded from your Digital Camera and you did not downsize the image, you can expect a delay as the Treo resezes the image every time you launch phone. It's a minor annoyance on Treo 600, you have to set the background images to fit the screen or at least to be a reasonable size fit - 160w x 120h is the true size to use.
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    Could be the Network Search Error, a nasty problem that only gets worse. I've had two Treos replaced because of this. Does this ever happen if the Treo is plugged into the charger? If not it might be the Network Search problem.

    Here is a long thread on it:

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