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    ..but I do not know how to do so. My Treo, with the built in mail app, treats all html e-mails as attachments to the original mail document, meaning that I have to switch to my web app to view these e-mails and then back to mail to check my next message. As well, these e-mail attachments are kept on my POP server, meaning tha I have to download the attachments (which takes longer and costs money). I know that Blackberries handle all e-mail as text, regardless of the format in which the message arrives on the server - any way to get my Treo to do this? I am with Bell Mobility in Canada, if that makes a difference, but after a good fifteen minutes on the phone with their customer support I got...nothing. Surprisingly. Is it simply the built in mail app that will not let me do this? Do I need another mail app or is there something I can do with this one?

    Help, and thanks!
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    You'll need another mail app. SnapperMail will render the HTML text within the message viewer. Attachment support is better as well.
    Will Lau

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