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    Let me start by acknowledging that it's possible I'm just an ***** ...

    So I got an SD card for my new Treo, popped it in, downloaded something to it (not sure what, I downloaded a bunch of stuff at once, chose SD card as destination for one as a test). How do I see what is on the SD card? When I select Card Info from the applications screen, it tells me there's one item on it, tells me the size of the item, but not what it is or how to access it.
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    Blame the poor file management capabilities/applications of the Palm OS, not you

    Get Filez ( and you will be be able to see what's on there. Only things in the Palm/Launcher folder on the SD card can be seen as an application in the default OS appliction launcher, and in most cases, things hotsynced from your PC to the SD card end up in the DCIM folder.
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    ok, downloaded and installed, figured out how to expand the trees, found the file I put on the card, which turns out to be the 9/11 report. I can't figure out how to read it. It has a .pdb extention and FileZ tells me the file type is DATA. I have a reader called CSpotRun I downloaded a while ago, but I can't figure out how to use it to open a new document. any ideas?

    thanks for your help...
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    Different document readers will look in different directories on the sd card to find documents there.

    For example, I downloaded a (free) copy of the 9/11 commission report that was designed to work with DataViewer, by TownCompass. Their readme.txt said I couuld put the document into /PALM/Programs/TownCompass, and when I did it worked fine. I also use the iSIlo document reader, and it seems to put its sd card documents into /PALM/Programs/iSilo.

    Other directories used by some apps are /PALM/ and /PALM/Launcher.

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