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    wesync is back up and accepting users, but according to there faq it wont work on os5.

    any options to share your calendar?

    thank you.
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    I have settled on Yahoo calendars. there is a condiut for it. Its free. It works.


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    Yahoo fits the bill for me as well -- let's face it: the price is right!
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    anyone use dual date
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    I may be missing something, but Wesync home page seem to have it in the same status. Changes are coming when they will support OS 5, take new users, etc. I was really happy when this first happen, but it is taking a lot of time. I wonder whats up. Do you know for a fact that they are taking new users? If so, that is a good sign.

    On the yahoo side, how well does that work?

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    It works like crap. I want to use the Palm Desktop but its not possible with Yahoo Desktop.
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    There is a Wesync Beta for the Treo 600. E-mail them and ask for it. I went to the Tanner web sight to e-mail. It is working great on my 600.


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