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    Did a search of the Forums and nothing came up???

    What are people using to view PDFs on the Treos?


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    Can't do it... Well, not natively anyway. Adobe has a PDF reader available, but you have to convert the PDF file on your PC first.

    Closest thing out there would be Acid Image Pro - TIF reading. If you're trying to pull "efaxes" in via email, they should be able to send the images in TIF format, and those you can open. Eventually, hopefully, someone will write code so you can look at a damn PDF on your treo. How hard could it be? (I guess very because no one has done it yet).

    There's something.. I'd give 10 bucks towards development of that!
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    Well, my work around is to take the info i need (from a website), print to PDF, then copy the PDF info into a word doc, and then i convert it to a pdb file and then just hot sync. Most of the info i need is text based anyways, so the formatting isn't as big an issue.

    Still not the fasting thing to do but it works.
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    adobe acrobat reader for Palm.
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    "adobe acrobat reader for Palm." Cue79 pointed out, "Adobe has a PDF reader available, but you have to convert the PDF file on your PC first."
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    Y'know, I've been reading these requests for YEARS now and the response has been the same -- Palm Acrobat Reader or a desktop converter.

    Why doesn't someone make an online converter that would let us submit and then download the Palm file (wirelessly) which can be read with a DOC, eReader (previously PalmReader) or Palm Acrobat? You'd think the service would more than pay for itself by attaching an ad to the bottom of each converted file.

    If someone does this, I'll be happy to accept a small payment for the idea.
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    For myself, I'm with Cue79, that is, using an app that just plain reads the PDF file without having to convert or go to any web sites.
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    I use adobe and the pc convertor at work, it's very easy to use. Just drop the pdf on the desktop app and it does the rest for can send it to your sc card and the convertor adds it to your hot sync list for you. Does the job for me.
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    i'm using an app called repligo. it is the best. you get the whole document on your palm and it looks just as good as the original.
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    DocsToGo 7 supposedly reads text based PDF. Haven't tried it yet though.
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    DTG7 requires a desktop sync same as the Adobe Reader for Palm. There is a naitive PDF reader for Palm called Picsel which came on the ROM of some SONY Clies. I called them (Picsel) a few months back, and they won't sell to end-users, only OEM. So, if P1 would get a contract with them, we could all have a naitive PDF viewer, but that's probably not going to happen.

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