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    Quote Originally Posted by mistertreo

    It is?
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    Quote Originally Posted by FloydPinkerton
    It is?

    HECK YES!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeos
    "*****, you are absolutely correct! I checked the inventories section
    and found that the Treo 650 handset is scheduled to be launched by
    Sprint by the end of December 2004. This phone will have two versions,
    one with the camera and the other without the camera. However, as of
    now I will not be able to provide you the details of this product or the
    pricing, as it is not available to us too. Be assured that once this
    phone is launched, it will be available on our Web site. Anytime, you
    can visit our Web site at . "

    hmmm... interesting. i was hoping for an earlier date but this will have to do. at least be sure to have the money for it when it hits the stores.

    You work for Sprint, if so did you find this on connected? I'm a rep and have heard very little about the 650. Do share your source of this info. Thanks
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    I sell T-Mobile and Sprint. We had the Sprint rep come by today and I finally asked him about the 650. He really didn't know much about it, but when I mentioned that it might have the ability to use Readylink, he thought it would not come out until the end of Dec. Sanyo or Samsung (I can't remember now) has an exclusive contract through the end of the year on Readylink phones. If that one button is for PTT on the 650, then its not coming out on Sprint on Oct 25th.
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    DECEMBER! WHOO HOO! I'm so glad its in December!!!!
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    Fabulas, nope dont work for sprint. just an avid wanter of the treo 650. i just email sprint at like 3 am and when i woke up i had a reply. mighty fast. just go to sprint and use the contact us page to send an email, there are pretty tight lipped about details and dates but they will tell you it is coming out.
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    I dropped my local Radio Shack, where I know the manager on a personal basis and since they have already confirmed that they will be carrying the 650 I asked him if he had heard anything knew about a release date. He said that the latest memo he received stated the first week in November for Sprint. The currently are not accepting any preorders and did not have a confirmation on the price, but with recent lower priced PDA phones being released they were expecting a launch price somewhere around $400-450.

    For what it is worth, thought I would pass it along.
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    between $400-450 what?!?! that cant be right! although i do like the idea of the first week of november. i emailed radioshack they just gave me the run around about not being able to comment on future products. also emailed verizon wireless no response yet.
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