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    the "exchange activesync" seems to be a software mod on the maiil client. That being said, could those who choose to keep the 600 just perform a mail upgrade and get the new feature with the old phone?
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    In the interview over at PalmAddict, Ed Colligan had this to say:

    We have licensed technology from Microsoft to allow the Treo Family to work seamlessly with MS Exchange. Itís going to be great!
    Note that he's talking about the Treo Family instead of the 'next-gen Treo' as he does someplace else. Also, another source told me it should be possible from a technical point of view. I expect there is going to be some kind of upgrade for the treo 600.

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    Will Exchange Activesyncit support 'push' email?
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    If you are strongly marketing to the business community, and need the upgrade revenue (aka Microsoft Treadmill Model), would you include support for the Treo 600? I didn't think so.
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    well, if I had a big pile of treo 600s left in stock while the new model is coming out I'd make it available to add another feature to make the old model more atractive to new customers...

    But we'll see, I could be wrong. And since I own neither a treo 600 nor have a Microsoft Exchange Server at hand I don't care much about whether or not a treo 600 has ActiveSync, anyway

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    I think it was that called to ask and they said something to the effect that it will be on the next Treo first and then maybe a patch released for the Treo 600s.
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    I read somewhere that the Exchange activesync email functionality would NOT be true push .... but I can't find the source and I'm not sure how reliable it was. If it's not true push then Goodlink and Blackberry are still better.

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