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    From what I have seen, people that have had their hands on the CDMA Treo swear up and down it is a VGA camera, and we have seen pics of the memory screen showing 20MB RAM. It also seems to be stuck at 1xRTT.

    People who seem to have had access to the GSM version swear it has a 1.3mp camera, "double the memory", and are claiming data upgrade (EDGE rather than GPRS).

    Is it possible that Sprint has hobbled the 650 to provide yet another upgrade path to charge for later? I have to tell you, if the Sprint version is crippled beyond what we already know it to be with the limited Bluetooth, and doesn't have the camera or memory of the GSM version, I may be switching to an EDGE provider in the near future.
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    i am on sprint. if the 650 has crippled the BT, the same cam, and same amount of memory (we dont know any of this for sure). i cant justify that much money just for a better screen.
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    Same resolution camera does not necessarily mean same camera.

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