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    Hi All,

    I'm curious to know what is the best IM app for use with AOL's Instant Messaging (AIM) system. I'm not a big fan of the standard (A)IM via the Blazer web browser experience with my Treo 600. I would love to have something closer the desktop or Blackberry experience. Thanks!

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    I use Verichat with AIM. It works great and I am very happy with it. They have a free trail. Try it out.
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    how about the AIM client from AOL? you can download it for free from site

    otherwise you can search here and you should be able to get a link.
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    Quote Originally Posted by superfire
    how about the AIM client from AOL? you can download it for free from site

    otherwise you can search here and you should be able to get a link.
    And then start your reset loop. Definitely search here for all the threads on the AOL AIM client before using it. Most people eventually get into a reset loop and end up hard resetting to escape (although they _could_ escape with a warm reset instead).

    After the loop, the AOL AIM client is ditched in favor of Verichat, Chatter, Chatopus, Causerie, ...
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    I have tried the following:
    1. Chatter -
    Pros: Logs messages, Works great in background
    Cons: Not accepting new users, doesn't log messages when you "quick reply", Does not have a great UI (does not load buddy list from server - have to enter by hand) - NO groups

    2. Verichat-
    Pros - Looks good,loads buddy list
    Cons - When in conversation, ties up the data stream so calls dont get come though (at least when i first used it) (CDMA) ; No Log

    3. Causerie-
    Pros - looks pretty, loads buddy list
    Cons - Does not work very well in background (or I could not figure out how to get it to work contsantly)
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    Verichat works well for me... although its a pain in the *** sometimes because you have to log off or expect tons of IM's when you are sleep
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    Agreed about the tons of SMS's if you don't log off properly.

    I find if you use the AIM client from is "short bursts" you won't get into the reset loop.
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    So it sounds like all the IM apps for AIM have their short comings. Thanks!

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    I keep getting "connection time out"... is there something I am doing wrong here?
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    About Verichat -- does anyone know if you can organize your buddy list? I don't see anything about that in the documentation. My buddies appear as one long list and I'll like to catagorize them.
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    Causerie works much better in the background now. I only have trouble if the network connection itself drops. Then, when I go back to Causerie, I need to restart it.
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    In the new betas of Verichat, you can tap the little circle in the upper right area and it will toggle between online/offline view and group view. It uses groups you have defined on the service servers. Your offline buddies show up in group view.

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