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    Besides eGrips, hard case or the leather case; is there anything that will protect the plastic case of my Treo 600? I like the flexibility of having a proclip but when it occasional falls to the ground the eGrips don't protect it as well.

    Does any one have a solution or recommendation?
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    I think you've narrowed your choice to duct tape. Hard cases and leather cases are the only other alternatives that I'm aware of. I use a Bellagio case.
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    I just heard about these cases today (yes, they're leather, but I thought that maybe it was worth posting anyway): Sena Cases
    They're leather, very thin (fit in a cradle), and don't cover the screen or keyboard. Although the corners don't seem to be well protected so might not be what you want.

    There's also: JavoSkin
    They're a form-fitting rubbery looking case.

    I haven't used either of these. Just posting what I'm aware of.
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