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    Am I doing something wrong if I keep receiving "Palm OS Dialer interface not found!" - am I missing a hack or something ...??
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    This question should probably be moved to the developer's sub-forum, found here.

    Anyway, what have you set at Preferences > Telephony > Dial using.. ?

    Mine reads:
    Dial using:
    [x] Smartphone/App: Treo
    [_] Serial/BT
    [_] IrDA
    It seems to me that you may have changed one of these settings.
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    nope, all the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by masseyc_99
    nope, all the same.


    I guess you're using a treo ?
    Please make sure again that you have "Treo" selected there, and not "Dialer App." or something.
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