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    Has anyone had trouble activating a used T300? I have heard that sprint sometimes won't & gives a hard time to people trying 2 activate a used Treo. Anyone?
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    I got mine activated w/ no problem at all. I knew the unit was free and clear of any charges. If the phone has charges against it that could be a problem. I called the 800 # and all was well. It was turned on in about 10 minutes from the time I hung-up.

    Have your ESN ready when you call. You can get this by dialing ##786 on the Treo.

    Hope this helps, and hope you get your treo activated w/ no problem!
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    I purchased a used 300 on ebay for $52 and activated it on Friday with no problems.
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    I just activated a used model I purchased from ebay without any problems. The process took all of 10 minutes.
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    I got two used treo300 and activated them in about 15 minutes. I made sure the
    esn # was cleared. I know now before you buy any phone it is important to check the esn first, That will tell if it can be activated. I know some times if the phone is still active on someone account they will not activate untill the account is closed on it. I got stuck like that once. The phone in mint condition but it was not cancelled and sprint would not activate it.

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