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    Okay - maybe I need to look at "hotsync" options for Linux a little closer <sigh>. Or maybe that wouldn't help either! Here's my

    I haven't "hotsynced" my Treo in about 8 months I guess. I can't remember when I converted to Linux, but about that long ago. Here's why:

    1) - I use SyncWise Enterprise for over the air sync of GroupWise address book/calendar info (no need for cradle sync there). (Email I get via IMAP)

    2) - I use VFSBackup to backup my Treo directly to an SD card when I want to "backup" the data (no need for cradle sync there).

    3) - I copy files directly to the SD card and install them from there, or even email them to myself and install through VersaMail when I want to install new applications to the Treo (no need for cradle
    sync there).

    Okay - so I haven't missed hotsync or felt any need to bother with it. I have, however, done hard resets on my Treo from time to time to
    test various things, only restoring bits and pieces of data back at times, and so now there is no "hotsync ID" on the Treo at all.

    I just purchased an application that "keys" itself to the hotsync ID! So, my guess is, I will need to install Palm desktop somewhere,
    hotsync the phone and give it the same hotsync ID I've used forever just to get this application to register (I've already hit the "demo"
    limit as to number of records)

    So, is there any "Linux" way to set a hotsync ID on a Palm <g>? I hate
    constantly being forced back to Windows. Of course, I can do it - it's not that difficult, and would in all likelihood be faster and less painful than trying to deal with this "Windozeless", but I've been fighting all weekend to try to install a Windows application on Linux in Wine for my husband that needs IE, and I'm really annoyed with Windoze right at this very moment

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    I believe pilot-link let's you assign a hotsync ID. However, I can't say for sure from work.

    Alright... now that I'm home. I know using gpilotd-control-applet you can set the hotsync ID. I seem to recall that Pilot-Link lets you do it, but I don't have that installed anymore.
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