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    I haven't seen any good posts on customer service, but hopefully mine wasn't an oddity. I'll admit the complaints worried me. Also, my last experience with a Zire 71 scared the heck out of me.

    But here goes.

    Treo 600 was working fine all day Wednesday. Took a nap, got up, went to do something with my Treo and the touch screen (Digitizer) stopped working. ARGH!

    Did a soft reset, no go, did a hard reset, no go. No touch screen, but it would act weirdly from time to time. Pull the SD card, still no go. Went off to the Palm support site cringing.

    Called Palm support and got a foreign sounding person calling himself Sean. PLEASE, PLEASE use your real name, I don't care what it is. Just use a real name!

    But he was very nice. Asked what the problem was and what I'd done. No arguments, he said, yep it's needs to be replaced, got all my information and promised 1 - 5 days. I looked up the SRO number though and it said estimated date, Wednesday 10/13. ARGH!

    What I haven't said yet, is that I use EzManager, Animas software to manage my diabeties and calculate all my insulin rates. And while I have it working on my Zire71, I don't have my database on it. I need to work on that.

    FYI: blood sugar has been foobarred every since.

    Anyway, was really worried since I wasn't sure I could survive a week without my Treo.

    Phone worked, but EzManager realizes on the touch screen. Argh! I'm about to talk to them about that.

    Anyway, check the repair status on Friday and guess what! They said they were shipping! Got a DHL (Airborne) tracking number but it said nothing all day. Finally showed that it was picked up on Saturday morning. Website still didn't show when it would arrive so called DHL and got a promise date of by noon on Monday. Got at at 10:00 am

    The blue is a little lighter in shade, but that might be how I have my preferences set up.

    Anyway I want to thank Palm for a pleasant customer service interaction!
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    i replaced my treo two times. i just think they lag of communications between CSR / Service Center / Customer. I could get a DHL tracking number for 3 days and DHL had not came to pick up. Because Service Center has pre-assigned DHL tracking number, more often they get their job done, and got the package sitting on the side for few days before they actually ship it via DHL. anyway, most of the time I get my treo on friday if I called them on Sunday. glad you got your package
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    The lag time on shipping is quite normal. I get my insulin mail order, and since it is temperature sensitive I'm even more anal about tracking it, especially in the summer. I think what happens is that they get a shipping number from the shipper when they request pickup, but it doesn't hit the system until the first "scan".

    Once the Palm was actually moving, the tracking was updated regularly. I saw when it hit the local shipper and when it was put on the truck.

    I am also already feeling better now that my insulin calculations are actually being calculated, rather than my questimating.

    I really need to figure out how to move my food database from Palm to Palm....

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