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    What is the added benefit over my 600? Not enough. Geez, it's taken a year of bugs, replacement phones, added accessories and teaching my wife how to use the phone. Why change if there isn't enough of an advantage?

    I'll wait till they have integrated wifi, better camera, and maybe the next one will be more durable. Hope there will be a next one. I wouldn't be suprised if the 650 is a failure. Why would a newbie buy one over the 600 if the 650 is several hundred dollars more?
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    Why would a newbie buy one over the 600 if the 650 is several hundred dollars more?

    I will be a new buyer to the Treo line, and if the 650 does not have WiFi, better camera, EDGE, or more RAM, then I will definitely spend half the money on a brand new 600 and not waste more on a 650. But, if the 650 has one or more of the above listed features, regardless of all the speculation in these posts, then I will probably spend the extra $$$. Like I posted in another room last week: "Maybe this could be the Next Big Thing: a Treo with 128+MB RAM, VGA+ screen, 3MP camera w/zoom, flash and video, scroll mouse AND touchscreen capabilities, BT, WiFi, voice activation, standard cradle with 2 battery charger capability, 33.6 fax send/receive ability, and an add-on stun-gun feature for the PPC users we see around town. Well maybe the stun-gun is going too far, but seriously, why the hell don't they just make one with all of this. Don't tell me it isn't possible! Sure, the cost would probably be $1500 or more, but I bet you everyone in here would eBay the hell out of their garage to get one! I would.

    If you build it, we will buy..."
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    There's a problem with power. Everything has to be balanced out, and a gadget with all those specs would need more power. Unless you're ready to be carrying around your charger or spare batteries, or even worse, a battery backpack, then it probably won't happen anytime soon. Maybe somebody'll develop a new power source, but till then, we'll all have to settle. The hp 6315 got good grades though, but looks like a brick
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    advance man, i 'm with you i gonna wait i still get heads turning with treo 600 and i always say good things come to those who wait. maybe new cobalt with next treo.

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