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    As I compare my 256MB SD card to the 20 GB Ipods, I wonder if the Treo is a reasonable alternative for music. Are there bigger cards and if I spring for the size (since in this case, size does matter) are we fairly assured that the SD card format is going to be around for a while?

    Otherwise, do I have to get used to just rotating my tunes through the card and not carry a library of any size with me?

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    The Treo is a convergence device. It really couldn't "replace" an iPod (or other portable HD music player). It's real purpose is to combine several useful pocket gadgets into one. It does that quite nicely. If you need a full day's worth of music, I wouldn't attempt to use a Treo in lieu of a "real" music player. A 512 card (or even a 1gb card) would hold more than enough music for a LONG two way commute and a lunchtime jog, and several coffee breaks, etc.
    As far as the longevity of the format, it's been around long enough - and there's enough new cards (in terms of speed and capacity) that it is a safe bet that it'll be around as long as the Treos. Right now, I think 1 gigabyte is as large as it gets. I seriously doubt that's the limit of it's capability, though.

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