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    I have my tunes arranged in CD folders on my PC. To get them onto my card, I add them to the Install Tool and then hotsync.

    Is there a way to move an entire folder with all its contents and have that folder become its own playlist? If not, do all the songs get copied into one big folder? Also, what is the quickest way to gather all the songs in one folder into a playlist?

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    What you want to do is fairly easy. The best thing to do is get an USB SD card reader and drag and drop the folder onto the SD card which appears as an external hard drive to your PC. Using the install tool will take much longer and not give you the choice of seperate folders. It will probably put them in an "audio" folder if one exists, I believe.

    Open Ptunes up on the Treo and using the Menu go to "Actions" and "Playlist" from there you can select folders and "select all" or certain songs.

    You can also "choose songs" and select all with one tap of the bottom centre icon (looks like an up arrow) in the Hi Fidelity skin. There is also shuffle mode and repeat modes.
    Again, pick up an inexpensive USB SD card reader/writer. I like the Lexar Jumpdrive Trio (from Radio Shack), which is like a USB keychain/dongle, but uses the SD card as the memory.

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