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    I have trouble with my 270's. Sometimes (average once a week) it died - stop responding to power button, reset button, etc. I need connect it into charger, and then do reset. Treo wakes up (sometimes if I disconnected charger, Treo turn off immediately - I must wait a while), and work. But everything's erased. Even clock. Like after hard reset - but hard reset doesn't reset clock - Am I right? Battery is good - about 2 days of work between charge.
    Once, when LED change into green after this accident (charger was connected), battery wasn't full. Next charge was normal.
    I send it into my dealer, and he replace all electronics inside. Except battery I suppose (I wait for reply from him). I know, that battery has any electronics with it - maybe this is the point?
    Maybe someone know what's happen with it???

    Sorry for my english - thank you and wait for any suggestion
    - Adam
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    Well if you want to replace the battery you can. You can buy one here.

    Good luck!
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    If your treo is in warranty, you should ask for a replacement

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