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    with the release of nothing inspirational in the t5, and a crushing disappointment in the loss of 1.3 megapixel cam in the treo 650, who here predicts palmone will be hit REALLY hard here in the upcoming year?

    with these lackluster releases, they've given the likes of microsoft, hp, and dell one heck of an opportunity to wash over them like a tidal wave.

    t5 has no real features ( no wifi )to motivate upgrades. cnet has said this themselves. the treo650 will not only not have much memory, or wifi, but it will not have the upgrades camera or cobalt 6, and there are no other devices in the pipeline!

    it'd be forgivable almost if p1 had several lines of pdas and smartphones to be released as hp had, but p1 has only 2 - that's a measley 2 devices they released, and they can't even get them right.

    who smells failure?
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    Not me.
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    well id like to hope otherwise myself, im a p1 fan myself, but very disappointed. I just want to get the pulse around our forum as to how people think these developments may hurt palmone in the months to come.
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    I wrote them this letter. I hate the fact the the 650 ha shorrible RAM. but I will probaly buy it anyway. But I still had to write this letter.

    The more I think about it the more it pisses me off.

    I have been anixously waiting for the new devices. But , I regret to say that they are welcomed and very shameful at the same time.

    There are many a consumer that "KNOW" that they would be able to build a device better than PalmOne for the following reasons.

    1. Palm has once again failed to add WIFi to such a high powered device as the this,

    2. why would you sepnd the extra money to add 256mb to a device when a 1 gb card can be bought anywhere from $32.99+

    3. Selling my T3 to buy a T5 is like a downgrade.

    4. Most of what the T5 does a T3 can do with software upgrades

    5. What are we paying for a faster proccessor and 256mg memory?????

    PPC is kicking your butts. slowly but they are kicking your butts.

    Treo 650
    1. why does this device not have Wifi?

    2 why does it have 32mb of memory

    3. why is the camera still the same?

    4. for many people it is NOT a upgrade.

    5.WHy does it not have Wifi?

    6. Why is the memory so small again??????

    PPC is kicking your **** once again

    I look at device like the XDA I and II

    like 3 years ago this device had more RAM than the current and past Treos. Know it has 128mb

    Yes Palm apps take up smaller mem, but you average user sees the flashy specs and addons.

    Man i wish you all didn't buy Handspring. You are really screwing this up.

    i think PalmOne is going the way of the Dinosaur. I hope not. But PalmOne, needs a leader or at least a design team that can think. The T5 is not cutting it.

    I HATE Pockec PC's. But, in the end that maybe all that is left.

    A user praying for a micricle from PalmOne
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    i agree, they are losing marketing position. As a Palm user for years, I now have trouble coming up with reasons to stay with them unless they start doing some new things. the EASIEST way for palmOne to get the message is to not buy their products, including T5 or Treo650...
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    They purchased Handspring

    The engineers who had developed the T3 were dismayed that Palm One paid 200 million for Handspring and told them to accept 160 x 160 resolution

    The Handspring millionaires "made it" and did not have to work again

    The Palm One engineers gave the Handspring millionaires the cold shoulder

    Political nightmares prevented work from getting done

    That is my take

    Now the Treo 650 is behind competition.
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    yeah, i predict palmone will be hit very, very hard in the next year or two.

    theyve been caught sleeping on the job here, so to speak, and they will soon be left behind.

    sorry palmone, but all the warning signs have been all around you. all around forums such as these for the past 2 years or so, yet the best you can do is release second-rate products AND expect the market to pay $599 for them.

    sorry, but im getting a strong feeling your time is up. ive been a hardcore palmone fan since the visor, but this is sad.

    i will be interested to see how both the stock price AND palmone`s marketshare dwindle to fractions of what they were, and it wont be because they were beaten fair and square, the depressing fact will be that palmone simply beat themselves. terrible.
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    i guess getting a 650 over a 600 is an upgrade, but it would have been nice if it had: more memory, wifi, 1.3Mp cam, and colbalt.
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    you can thank palmone for successfully leaving ALL of those highly sought after features entirely out of the picture.

    what a formula for success, folks, huh?!
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    It's comprehensible to be frustrated over Palm's lack of feratures in the Treo 600 and the upcoming Treo 650 (wifi, sic!). However, at this time, the Treo 6xx Series is still -in my view- the most efficient device that combines text communication + mobile phone + PDA.

    We all know that the competition is not standing still, especially with the BenQ P50 coming, but in the meantime Palm still wears the crown.

    At the end of the day, Palm will have to do another hit, if they want to survive in the smartphone market, and they have to do it in a way that makes financial sense for the consumers...
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    I hope im wrong, but I just don't have a good feeling about p1 right now. in fact its like a feeling of agada. I love the treo concept - I think its the best thing since sliced bread.
    but like you said, the competition won't be on pace with p1, they will capitalize on this slow progress. and if p1 doesn't pull a hat trick or something. they'll be treading water eventually.
    yes the treo owns the crown, but they are taking one hell of a risk in operating the way they are. im not sure how much longer p1 will own the form factor, bc ppcs are bound to catch on soon - as far as im concerned, the only thing the ppcs lack is the form factor. once they have that, I think that is when p1 takes the back seat.
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    In a strange twist of fate - a defense of PalmOne!

    PalmOne doesn't sell to folks like you, in general.

    They sell to folks who sell to folks like you.

    As such, that's the only folks they have to worry about nearterm w.r.t. who's gonna buy their products.

    If they get enough good buzz - which is apparently their modus operandi - then they'll sell to those folks even if the devices aren't exciting to you.

    Sure, this eventually breaks down. But that "eventually" can be quite awhile.

    Will the "TREO 650" sell to those folks? Well, as I've posted more than once, the "TREO 650" doesn't exist yet. So we don't know the answer to that question. But it IS getting "good buzz" so far.


    [The "TREO 650" doesn't exist. We've seen lots of photos of SOMEthing that had all the appearances of a test device. That's not a product, though, that's a test device! When PalmOne locks the final device in cement and says "See! Here's the real thing!" (*) then and only then will that device "exist" - though of course no one will be able to get one until it's REALLY available...]

    (*) Jeff Hawkins, as noted on an ancient post right here, purportedly said about the TREO 600 vis-a-vis the TREO 270/300: "We had to do that one; THIS is the real thing".
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    YEah I see what youare saying. I guess as hordcore Palm users we can see what is going on. There are a lot of people who have no clue about what the OTHER GUYS (PPC) are doing.

    You know in some weird way I can understan not adding WiFi, since they just came out with the sd card add-on.
    Or not adding a upgraded camera (maybe the new one just didn't work right)
    and bluetooth maybe (there are tos of other mobiles without it)
    BUT,NOT MORE RAM????!?!?!?!?!?!?! EVERY PDA COMPANY IN THE WORLD ADDS NEW RAM TO THEIR NEW MODELS. (except for Sony and why they went out of business in part)

    Maybe this is PalmOne's secret mission to put themselves out of business..........Hmmmmm.

    I think they are on the right track
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    Quote Originally Posted by smileyboy

    Maybe this is PalmOne's secret mission to put themselves out of business..........Hmmmmm.

    I think they are on the right track
    I think that they are amazing. Imagine gettting all this angst over a product that they do not admit exists, cannot ship, and cannot get support for. The 600 is the only thing that they have gotten right since the Palm V and that cost them more in dollars than they have sold. My $1000- Investment in their stock is worth pennies. How much farther south is there to go?
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    Short palm1 for $1000! You'll be rich!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SeldomVisitor

    Sure, this eventually breaks down. But that "eventually" can be quite awhile.
    Very good point. They do have time to fix the apparent problems.
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    It seems that there are a lot of "doom sayers" here. But all anyone here has is rumor. The T650 is not out yet. The specifications that have been passed around here are conjecture. If I was going to war I would not tell the enemy how strong my troops are and how well equipped they are. And I certainly would not tell them where or when to expect my troops to land.
    I would circulate miss-information…
    The “let’s all jump ship” idea is full of holes too. The BenQ 50 is conjecture too. Right now we are comparing two imaginary devises. If I were the BenQ Company and wanted to create headaches for P1 I would load the rumor mill about the wonders of the BenQ 50. Wouldn’t you?
    If there is a product that has everything you dream of right now, speak up. As of yet I have not seen it.
    I hear so many saying I would get a PPC with all the things I want if it just _____. Well it just doesn’t, and we didn’t buy them. Did we?
    P1 knows that you and all of the “yous” that are just like you want everything on the next model. But it just is not going to happen. This is not a new generation. It is an overdue upgrade. 300 to 600 indecates a totally new product line. 600 to 650 is nothing but adding 50 to the 600 product. Other companies use model numbers to help consumers know the level of a product. Whole numbers series, followed by tens, followed by hundreds, Extensions added to model numbers like “x” or “xi”. We have been on board since the Visor, and Prism days. The Treo days are here now. If you what the super product that has it all I don’t think it will be called a Treo. It would have to be the next generation, and have a new name.
    Most people that own a product don’t upgrade on a half step model upgrade. So in reality they are not marketing this product to you. Sorry, but they aren’t. All they seem to need to do right now is prevent farther lose of market share. A few badly needed bells and whistles will do.
    Come on guys, the T650 is not going to be your dream come true. It is aimed at other people. You do realize that people still by plane old PDA’s with no extras, right? This would be a real wonder toy to such people.
    My vote is that the T650 is a well-needed upgrade. If it does anything it will make P1 a little stronger. It in no means spells the end for P1.
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    I am actually agreeing with SV....Treocentral is not the entire smartphone market, not even close. Just look at Blackberries....not wifi, no third party software support, no expansion slot, no camera, fugly form factor and you know what, RIMM has been selling a lot of "low-tech" devices.

    Engineering is about compromises, and I think P1 is doing a pretty good job of it.
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    Some thoughts.

    Why add built in WiFi and increase cost when aftermarket Wifi will be available ( I a certain it will)

    We are "early adopters" not the entire market. We always want more ASAP

    P1 has to create a "bulletproof" product that appeals to Corp America (and the rest of the world) and keep a price point that wont slow sales while maximizing profits

    Everything we are basing our assumptions on are NOT CONFIRMED. - When the Treo 650 is released THEN I will know exactly what the specs are

    The upcoming Treo650 has allowed P1 to move the Treo 600 down market to a lower price point that will appeal to the masses. I might consider buying a 600 for $250 if the 650 is not everything I want it to be at $500
    Waiting for Palm Pre on AT&T then can replace my iPhone. Needs Doc To Go and Flash

    Mutley - Passed 4-18-06. A better friend one could not ask for!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dafydd
    .............If it does anything it will make P1 a little stronger. It in no means spells the end for P1.
    You are right. If there is an upgrade to the 600, it may make the patient a little stronger. However, this thread is not so much about any potential product as about the fundamental health of the business. We are talking about prescribing vaporware for a patient on life support.

    We have an enterprise with declining sale, that is short on cash, cannot raise capital, and is trying to use buzz to stem the erosion of market share.

    By resorting to buzz, not to say disinformation, P1 has created an environment in which any 600 upgrade announcement will produce a reaction somewhere between disappointment and a yawn. Can one even imagine any announcement that will produce the excitement or the critical response of the original 600 or the success of the original Palm?
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