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    I just ordered my new 600 from the NYC road show coupon for $199 (I could not pass up the amazing deal -- I'll wait to get the 650 in a few months) - I know this has been posted elsewhere but I'm still confused about wherether or not out of the box does the Treo have any handwriting recognition. I've seen that you can add things like GA or JOT but does the Treo have Graffiti 2. Thanks in advance.
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    the 600 does not have graffiti out of the box, or rather it does, but you have to get something to turn the screen into a graffiti area in order for the graffiti info to be bassed to the Palm OS.
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    Have a look at MobileWrite. It is a combination of GA and JOT with the addition to writing whole words. Here is the summary info from

    "Use your own handwriting, or Graffiti to enter text. Version 3.3 has an option to select Graffiti letters instead of regular letters. MobileWrite is a handwriting recognition program which converts pen strokes into letters and numbers. It is an alternative to the Graffiti and Graffiti 2 software. Using MobileWrite, capital letters and lowercase letters can be written as you normally would on paper. With it's standard set of characters, and the ability to write words on the same screen as your application, letter writing or data entry can be done with less effort. You will be able to concentrate on your work, instead of the data entry. Supports French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese."

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