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    I've tried the following, and they all don't work for me:

    TiBR Lite

    All I want is something that can read .txt or .gz files on an SD card, without crashing the PalmOS!

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    Of course, right after I post, I stumble across this link, which is great. I've basically resigned myself to create an eBook with DropBook, and now the two viewers I'm using are eReader and iSilo.

    FWIW, my criteria was: If an app crashes even once, I delete it immediately. I couldn't believe how many of these programs crashed!

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    Have you tried mobipocket? I dont know how palin txt looks, but it uses a subset of HTML so you can create fairly nice ebooks for it. I have over 100 books on my treo at all times.....haventy bought a paperback in almost a year now.
    To create ebooks that are not in prc format already, but in html or txt I use the following:
    "qvadis express reader" to copy and paste the book. Qvadis will look bad if you paste in HTML but when it compiles the book, everything is A OK. If you have any questions about this I would be happy to give a longer response....

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    I like mobipocket. I set the page so that it's rotated 90 degrees and read it with the Treo sideways (horizontally). Works great. I like the ability to insert drawings and notations anywhere in the eBook.
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    Which one of the readers is the best? The site listed by "Phandel" was good but is it out dated? (written in 6/02) What site do you download books from? Are they current books and what are the costs? I am not worried about size I just picked up a 1GB Sd card. I love to read and this sounds like a great feature.

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