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    I've pretty much tried every IMAP client made for PalmOS. I was a hardcore versamail fan until Snappermail came out with thier support for it. I've tried the adjendus mail client, and a couple other random ones. Right now i'm evaluating the chattermail client.

    What mail client is coming with the 650? Has anyone tried it? Is it what comes with the new palm that was just released? I hope it has background and IDLE support, but if not i'll pick up chattermail after my eval period.

    Anyone have any details?
    Gabe Kangas
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    No word on IDLE support, and I would doubt you would see it. It does seem that it will have integrated MS Exchange built in though, for what it's worth.
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    Which client have you liked the most so far? My work email's on IMAP, and I was wondering which works best.

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