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    I have a bunch of pics on my SD card right now. How do I get them from the card to my internal memory so I can use for wall paper, etc?

    I have tried picstogo and it will not even recognize them in the SD folder
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    If the pictures are jpg, then you should be able to move them via the camera application. When viewing the category of pictures, you should be able to change the category to the card (displays label of card in drop down). Highlight a picture, select Move from Menu, then select the category to move it to. This will end up copying it to the internal memory and not just categorizing it.
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    The pics are JPEG and I still cannot see them or move them. The camera app will not recognize them
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    Never mind, once again, I spoke before I figured it out. I got it.

    Thanks for your help
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    Ok, you're welcome. I was going to respond saying that they probably need to be in the DCIM folder on the card. Maybe that's what you figured out.
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    That wasnt it, and it still worked. Thanks again. By the way, your website has been invaluable to me along with this one.

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    I'm glad to read that you like TreoBits.

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