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    Is there an application that will allow me to listen to streaming audio from the internet?
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    Yes PocketTunes Deluxe will let you listen to Shoutcast stations.
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    Don't forget to get the Deluxe version of Pocket Tunes. The standard version is missing the Shoutcast option.
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    Make sure to checkout TreoBits for Treo friendly (lower bitrate) shoutcast listings. You can visit the site directly on your Treo.
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    Thanks for your timely replies, but what I really was after was a streaming audio player that would let me listen to audio at the url of my choice. Is there anything like that out there?
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    You can use any valid mp3 stream URL with Pocket Tunes. Your not forced to use
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    So, in summary Pocket Tunes Deluxe supports Shoutcast and MP3 streaming. There is no other software that supports those or any other kind of streaming. So, if that fits your needs, you're all set. If you're looking for Real and Windows Media stream support, you'll just have to wait and see if that's ever supported by someone. There is Real Player for Palm OS, but it doesn't support streaming. Normsoft has mentioned that they would like to support Windows Media streaming, but they have given no indication of when that would be added.
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    MMPlayer supports URL video and audio streaming. I haven't able to connect to one yet but the option is there.
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    From the Pocket Tunes Knowledge Base:

    Pocket Tunes natively supports MP3 streaming audio from or or

    Shoutcast streams contain metadata that will show the song title when playing in Pocket Tunes.

    Icecast streams will play, but do not contain metadata, so song titles will not display.


    Streaming audio playlist links must be .pls or .m3u format.

    You can manually enter http URL's in the "Choose Songs" (Actions menu/Open) Shoutcast file section.

    Formats supported are:

    Raw MP3 - similar to ShoutCast streams, but do not contain the imbedded metadata to display song titles. Websites that offer raw MP3 streams are supported.

    Static MP3 - found on websites with a link to a specific MP3 file. Click the link or enter the URL manually in the "Choose Songs" (Actions menu/Open) Shoutcast file section.

    Ogg streams - supported but only if the link ends in .ogg. Access these streams with the same method as Static MP3 links.


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