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    I am really backwards when it comes to computers so once again here goes. I just tried to DL a demo version of Bob's Alarm. It came up on my desktop and I tried to Hotsync it twice and each time I got a message saying there was no SD card in the slot. I couldn't understand that as I was simply trying to put the demo version on my treo.. Then I figured that because it was a demo it would only allow me to put it on a card so I inserted a card and tried a hotsync. Then I got a message that said I needed an app to run an app from a card. Is that the way it goes? If so, what app do I need?
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    Is the file you're trying to hotsync a .prc or .zip file? If it's a .zip file, you'll need to unzip it first. If it's a .prc file then it shouldn't be prompting you to install it to the card.
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    its a PGZ file-whatever that is. I just looked under properties and that's the file type. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that it's a trial/demo file and that's why you have to insatall it on a card so as not to pirate it and that makes sense to me. Just wish I could see the demo. It's Bob's Alarm. thanks
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    "A .PGZ file is an archive handled by the helper application StreamLync (PalmGear application for installing applications). In fact, the .PGZ file is a .ZIP file that has been renamed."

    Found this info at

    StreamLync info at

    So, it has nothing to do with being a demo, it's just a special file for PalmGear's StreamLync installation application. Try downloading the zip file for Bob's Alarm instead.
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    just DL'd the Zip and I'm all set. Thanks so much. It's a nice program but I can't see any big advantage over Big Clock.

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