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    Quote Originally Posted by lulugirl896
    I got the Vaja i-volution T6 yesterday, and first of all, it is more of a shell than a case. It feels like it would really absorb the shock of a drop.
    It is also so snug, that it would be impossible for the treo to slip out of it. It is a bit of a pain to remove your phone from it to reset (my phone crashed yesterday), so if you have a need for your phone to be in and out of the case, this may not be for you.
    I had gotten used to the feel of the plastic over the keyboard from the Krussell case I had previously, so I attached one of my screen protectors over the keyboard and tucked the edges to the back before inserting my phone in the Vaja, and I think it works and looks great. I'll try to post some pictures later.
    The i-Volution will absorb the shock of a drop. I dropped my Treo yesterday from about 3 feet down onto the asphalt, and the only memory of that fall is a scratch on the antenna. The case took the shock like a champ. I HIGHLY recommend the i-Volution.

    The only complaint with the case, besides the price, is that there is no cutout for the reset hole, and that is a very, very small complaint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meonline
    Any experience with the "new" EBCases one? It seems like it would protect the corners really well, more than the Sena case. But I can't really tell too much from the pics on their site.
    The EBcases case looked interesting, but casting around I came across this thread:

    Looks like pretty mixed reviews. I'm in roughly the same boat -- the Sena case is at the top of my list now.
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    No offense, but it look totally cheap.

    Chicks won't dig it!
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