I couldn't resist the temptation to ask Palm One. So I sent an e-mail, asking for release date. The response was quite quick but had no information. It was a form letter. However the form letter said to call if the form letter did not answer my question, and I gave a phone number.
I called the number indicated on the form letter and work my way through to the sales Department. I ask the salesman if he knew anything about the release of a new Treo. He said that they don't even find out until after the product has been posted on the web site. So I asked him what time of day they update the web site. He said midnight Eastern time.
So if you can't stand it, and you just have to be first to know, set your alarm and be on online at the Palm One web site at midnight Eastern time. But don't forget to refresh your browser at 12:00:01.

While I waited for a salesperson a recording kept telling me "Your call is important to us." I would've been more inclined to believe them if the recording said "Your money is important to us".