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    Only 1 complaint , but its kinda a big complaint....

    Im gettin horrible crackling on outbound speakerphone. Only the speakerphone , normal phone sounds crystal clear. Inbound speaker phone is loud and perfect, but others hear crackling and missing words.....

    Anyone had this, or have any ideas to help?

    3.05 firmware , 1-13 aws
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    Call P1, you'll likely get a replacement. I've gone through several, my current one has lasted 3 months with no issues.

    Regardless, you want to get the problem with P1 documented.
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    Well I bought the phone off of ebay..... I did register on Palm One once I got it though, and the seller claimed there was about 5 months of warranty on it, so do you think Palm One will help me?

    I was kinda hoping someone else has experienced this outbound speaker phone issue, Id like to just fix it somehow =) - all your tshirt needs !

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