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    I have just aquired the Act 2005 program. I would like to use Act to keep information on my customers. I would also like to continue to keep personal friends in Outlook and sync them over to my Treo. Is it possible to do this? Thanks for the info.
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    Your best solution is to have all of your contacts including your friends in ACT.

    You can label them under ID status as friends.

    Then you go into Outlook and setup under address book to use your act database. You can have it also save every email you send out under the contact in ACT.

    As for ACT 2005 - it is a very poor program. ACT has always been a great program but they re-wrote it completely for ACT 2005. It has a lot of bugs such as now it can only have 1500 contacts synck with outlook. More can cause a lot of errors.

    It also locks up when you go to print a calender and ask for a print preview.

    and it has so many more problems....

    ACT 2005 also is only a 1 way sync to your palm. So if you put a appointment in your palm it will not go into ACT 2005.

    You are better off with a previous version of act.

    They are trying to patch the bugs but there are quite a few. I received a copy and had to return it because of all of the bugs. ACT technical support is overloaded with complaints and problems so you will be on hold for the paid line over 1 hour. I have no idea how long you will wait on the free line.

    If you need technical support this person may be able to help.

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