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    OK, my palm has been crashing pretty often (after installing Lightwav). Most of the random resets just happen out of no where. But one I can see consistant is that, after making a phone call, if I try to go in and edit a contact, it resets. But I can edit my contacts anytime right after a rest and before a call.

    I've also installed BPLaunch, BrightCam, Profiles, FileZ and Treo Allegro after Lightwav.

    If somebody can point me out to a thread that already covers this or covers the Lightwav reset problems, please do. Thanks!
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    Bump! Anyone?
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    I got resets ages ago when trying to add a contact, and it was caused by an old Aqua skin. The new one works better.

    It was a slightly different circumstance to you though, so may not be relevant...
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    Bump. I'm having this problem too. Anyone???
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    Is it possible the contacts file has become corrupt? How about backing it up via hotsync, then copying that backed up file to somewhere out of the way on the drive, then reset the device, and then delete everything in the file and reset it again. After that, enter a couple of contacts and see what happens.

    When a lot of apps access a file, there is the possibility of something going wrong. It happened to me during the testing of an alpha product shortly after I got my first Treo 600. For a while I kept an empty copy of the contacts file on the SD card as a precaution. The possibility for interaction is examplified by Wallen and his experience with Aqua.

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