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    I purchased a sedio 2 in 1 headset a few months ago for my sprint treo 600. It worked great. Now i've switched the verizon treo 600 and the headset will not work for calls. It will play music, but as soon as i try to make a call or answer a call it hangs up. If i try to make a call it says connecting for about 1 second then says hanging up. Anyone have ideas or do they have a new version for verizon? thanks.
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    HI Merlin3,

    Our 2 in1 headset should work for CDMA or GSM Treo 600. It should work for Treo 600 with any carrier (Sprint or Verizon or other carrier). PLease contact our RMA at, we will take care of it.

    Sorry for the problem.

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    the problem could come from the button of the 2in1 ...
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    i appreciate the quick response and will contact them. anytime the switch is moved over to phone mode the headset will not work at all.
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    I had a Sprint 600, used my 2in1, fine, then got a VZW 600, and the 2in1 is fine there as well. Whatever issues you have aren't due to your phone change, I'd betcha. Should work either way. One way to test is to try your 2in1 on someone's Sprint phone and see if you see any different behavior. Maybe stop in a store or something...
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    it should be a "hardware" problem from the "box" of the 2in1

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