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    Howdy all,

    After several years of PPC/Windows Mobile, the Treo 600 (soon 65) called me back home to the Palm world. I really like the Palm OS, but I do find that I need more 3rd party apps to accomplish what I want to do than with PPC.

    The good thing is, there are 1000s of apps available for Palm.
    The bad things is, there are 1000s of apps available for Palm, and I'm a little lost

    I searched and read until I dropped, but it is all quite overwhelming. So far I picked:
    - Documents To Go Premium
    - Snappermail Enterprise
    - Mergic VPN
    - Pocket Tunes
    - Facer (because it has both Launcher AND Today screen)
    - Battery Dr
    - FileZ

    Can you guy help me pick the following:
    - A good Contacts apps that syncs pretty much ALL Outlook fields and integrates well with the Phone app (e.g. I tried BeyondContacts, but you need to use stylus to pick and dial)
    - I have not learned yet if the standard Datebook and ToDo handle recurring appointments, reminders, date rollovers etc well or not. If not...what app would you recommend there?

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