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    I had previously set up intellisync for yahoo and since it decided not to work, I've uninstalled it. I had to do a hard reset because my any attempt to get mail seems to reboot my Treo.

    Now, I have all my contacts in my Palm Desktop, but whenever I try to sync they don't go to the Treo. It just comes up empty.

    Looking at the hotsync options --> custom. I have

    Date Book
    To Do List
    Memo Pad
    Treo Pictures
    Install Service Templates
    Install to Card

    I don't have anything that looks like "Contacts" which I would expect. It doesn't seem like I can add Contacts either.

    Does anyone have contacts? Anyone know why Contacts wouldn't sinc?

    And, yes, I tried to put this in the general software thread, but it appears that it didn't go there. I recognize it's not a hardware issue.
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    have you tried to reinstall your Palm Desktop? I had problem on the Palm Desktop last nite and it would not sync. i had to reinstall the Palm Desktop then finally it could sync
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    I don't want to reinstall Palm Desktop as that's the last place I have all my phone numbers saved. If something happens to that, I'm pretty much at the point of e-mailing everyone I have ever known for contact information.
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    For what it's worth it synced up all my favorites button and such, just no contacts.
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    You simply have a missing conduit for contacts. The reinstall is safe. If paranoid, make a copy of your user folder and then do the re-install. Best bet - shut down your PC, then restart it. Then install the Palm Deesktop and your conduits are much more likeely to registre correctly. PCs that have memory leaks sometimes dont fully registeer all the conduits upon install.
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    yeah, I guess that intellisync probably overwrote that conduit or something. I'll try to reinstall over my existing one.
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    Reinstalled Palm Desktop and sync'd and still nothing. I have nothing like contacts listed in conduits. Any chance I can just install the conduit like a program to my Palm User. It seems that conduits are based on users and my user profile doesn't have that critical conduit.
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    Okay now getting "
    -- Address Book
    - Some handheld records were not copied to your PC. Your computer may be full or you may have reached the maximum allowed records on the desktop. To correct this situation, delete some records and perform a HotSync operation again.
    Desktop = 59, Handheld = 0"

    My desktop has 2 GB of memory and my Treo has 3.4 MB. My mail has 1024 messages which might be the limit, but I have no way to delete them as it resets my Palm whenever I try.
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    Bump, I still need help with this last one.
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    Your emails are stored in Email_libr_HsMp_AB12C344

    where AB12C344 is some Hex number.

    Delete this with Filez if you need room to hotsync, and also delete the corresponding email file on your PC.

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