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    I posted a pic taken from a zire72's 1.2mp cam, as well as a comparative picture taken from an o2 xdaII's .3mp cam. I'd say both are crappy. Yes, you read right, the zire72 HAS a 1.2mp cam, not 1.3mp. And given that the zire's cam is 1.2mp, the pic taken was not substantially better than the xda's. Unfortunately, the zire72 is still hampered by poor lighting, which I guess could be chalked up to the OS running it, which is the Palm OS. I'd say the PPC OS, even with a .3mp cam, does more since it's media-centric. My post is in the "1 megapixel phonecams" thread if you're interested. The BenQ P50, which looks promising, might be a dud. I tried out the Eten P300, which was developed by a Taiwanese company, and I almost cried blood! I'm not budging from my t600 until a worthy successor comes along, one that will unanimously rule, like the t600 did in it's heyday
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe
    really, what problems could they have with a camara that would prevent them from using it?

    i believe u dutch.
    Well it may be that 1.3 Mgp camera creates much bigger files and if T650 has only 32 Mg of memory then one would use up all of it with pics too fast....
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