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    the question remains as....

    would they cancel our orders
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeK2
    My order status is showing as sent to warehouse. The amount still says $64.xx.

    My order confirmation email also states that amount. My guess was that it was a price mistake that they have now corrected.

    Glad I could help those of you that were able to buy at the cheap price.


    Mine too! $ they better honor it!

    I tried to call them but they are not open on the weekends????
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    Just got my order confirmation
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    WTF? I went to check and got no email from them. I called my card and they had no charge either. I got a confirmation when I ordered two. When I tried to log back onto the site, they tell me I have no account.

    WTF? I am pissed. I at least want one card. Fother muckers!
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    uh let me get this straignt they were $32 and now they are $106?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wahili
    uh let me get this straignt they were $32 and now they are $106?
    yup... for the few lucky one's like me :-D Maybe I should have gotten two.. Oh well.

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    My CC has been dinged for the $32.49 (well I dont see it on my register, but my available balance shows what it should be if everything had cleared, which includes the $32.49)

    and wahili, yes, they were $32.49 and a LOT of us got orders in for at least one and up to 4 I think was the highest someone placed. Now they are back to the regular price of $106. Either it was a mistake and they'll honor them (which we're all hoping for) or it was a mistake and we'll all get cancelled (which woudl suck) or it was a correct price, they had a limited supply at that price, or it was a limited time offer for publicity, yadda yadd, in which case we'll get them and everyone who missed out will be pissed c0z they were too late (but will probably keep a closer eye on the site! in the future!)

    whatever, I just want it!
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    10/9/2004 CHW1042832C40F6 $32.49 Cancelled
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    Mine was cancelled too.
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    Well I just checked my order that I placed last Friday. It is now marked cancelled. I called them and they blaming their supplier for the pricing error. They claim to have had over 25,000 orders. Not much we can do. There is supposedly an e-mail going out in an hour or so.
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    Got the email. Order cancelled "due to technical error".
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    Same thing. Sorry guys. I tried. :-)

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    Mike, how dare you mislead us like that!!!!

    You need to buy us all a 1gb card to make it better.

    Actually I'll need two to make me feel ok. I was REALLY bummed.
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    Too bad. I just bought a 256 meg card for $7 after rebates, and I was REALLY tempted to get this one also because of the price. Oh well.
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    Well, my order is cancelled. I guess they won't honor the price mistake.
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    Quote Originally Posted by heberman
    Too bad. I just bought a 256 meg card for $7 after rebates, and I was REALLY tempted to get this one also because of the price. Oh well.
    I got two of those too. I was hoping to get the 1GB SDs so that I'd have some 32 hours of music or so to take with me on vacation in a couple of weeks.
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    Due to a technical error that caused an incorrect price to appear on
    our site for Chumbo Part # 229390 (Lexar High Speed - Flash memory card),
    we have had to cancel your order, per our policy:

    Errors, Omissions, and Changes
    While Microgistix attempts to ensure the accuracy of any materials
    presented within the Web site, Microgistix makes no warranties
    or representations as to its accuracy, and the user is warned that this
    service could include typographical errors, technical inaccuracies,
    and/or other errors or omissions. Microgistix reserves the right to make
    improvements and/or changes in this service at any time, and we reserve
    the right to make changes to our site and these disclaimers, terms and
    conditions at any time. Any list prices are the prices provided to
    Microgistix by our publishers and/or distributors, and are periodically
    updated. In the event that a product is listed at an incorrect price or
    with other incorrect information due to a typographical or other error,
    Microgistix has the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for the
    product listed incorrectly. Microgistix has the right to refuse or
    cancel any such orders, whether or not the order has been confirmed and/or
    your credit card has been char
    ged. If your credit card has been charged for the purchase and your
    order is canceled, Microgistix shall issue a credit to your credit card
    account in the amount of the charge. If a product offered by Microgistix
    is not as described, your sole remedy is to return it to Microgistix
    for a refund.
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    I tried last night and today and the website shows a price of $107.
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