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    the built in calendar
    Palmary Clock
    Bob's Alarm
    Big Clock
    are a few.
    Go to and search for 'alarm'

    hope this helps
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    And of the list presented above, the best of them all is Bob's Alarm. I use it every day to start the day, schedule timers throughout the day, et cetera. It supports midis and wav files witih PTunes. Ben
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    Bob's Alarm!
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    I asked the same question about a month ago, and puchased Bob's Alarm. I find that I use it almost every day. It's probably the best application I have on my Treo.
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    The best and most reliable. Bob did an excellent job with it. Ben
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    Another vote for Bob's Alarm.
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    MegaClock. No offense, but I think Bob's Alarm is too ghetto-looking. And Bob's Alarm has had plenty of issues in the past. MegaClock has always just worked, no matter what.
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    Issues because he wanted it to work across the board and because of all of the features. Stability now and interaction with othoer programs is addressed quickly. Bob's Alarm since March has been stable. How can it be ghetto looking? I am confused on that.
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    Here's another vote for Bob's alarm.
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    ghetto?!?!?!?!? Bob's Alarm rules
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    whats wrong with ghetto?
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    I'll "vote" for Butler. It only carries two alarms, but since I really only use it for waking up in the morning, that will do. Otherwise, all other necessary alarms are done through the built in calendar.

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    I used to use Treo Butler which was very reliable. But now, I switched to BeeOnTime. Just as reliable but now I can define a whole lot more of alarm schedules.

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