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    Two things I noticed, the 'TV' icon, so will this let you watch the sprint TV deal (AKA MobiTV)?
    Also, with the Palm OC Garnet, it will have Graffiti type support too, right? Due to the DIA support?

    'Native Applications

    68k applications support through PACE environment
    ARM library support
    Address Book*
    Date Book*
    Memo Pad*
    To Do*
    HotSyncŪ synchronization client
    Security Application
    Expansion card info
    SMS application
    Supports DIA

    Input Methods

    GrafittiŪ 2 character recognition
    Pinyin input method (Simplified Chinese)
    Handwriting Recognition Kit
    Offers flexibility to allow licensees to develop and integrate third party handwriting solutions
    Chinese-English dictionary is integrated with PIM and third-party applications '

    The only thing I wonder about is the icon for the 'tv' app was the generic box, so I wounder if it was just a testing app and may not come standard or at all?
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    I got to see the 650 at the sprint store in Chattanooga and posted two days ago about it. That "tv" app is a develpers debugging tool as had been speculated here by TC users.
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    did the 650 have graffiti?

    I also did a search for posts started by you and don't see one about you getting your hands on a 6650, was is a reply to another post, if so, can you link it. Thanks...
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    Thanks stephman. I'm on my treo.
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    got it, thanks...

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