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    This is an e-mail I got from

    News Flash! Tuesday 5 October

    Treo 650 - the speculation mounts! Photographs and comparisons.
    With rumoured Bluetooth, new Blazer, enhanced multimedia, high-resolution screen, 1.3 MegaPixel camera, removable battery, and the all new "multi-connector" we just can't wait to get our hands on the Treo 650!

    Tungsten T5 stuff that might appear on the Treo 650

    palmOne today launched the Tungsten T5 on their website. We take a look at a number of new features and included applications that might appear on the Treo 650, to be announced (or released) on October 25th.

    Tons of Treo 650 Photos! Now with comments...

    We've scooped some excellent shots of the new Treo 650 to bring you an exclusive sneak preview. Visit the link above for details of what we expect from the next generation of palm OS smartphones.
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    Old news Bro! Cashdad also posted the same info here on TC.
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    Thanks, but we have had a thread on this for over a week
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    The cam is vga. I saw it in Chattanooga.
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    HEY DUDE....I DIDNT SEE ANY OTHER POSTS LIKE THAT ONE YET!!! And i've been a avid TREO fan ever since I heard of the 600. THANKS FOR rePOSTING!!!!

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