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    ok.. I answered a call on Wedensday. When I picked it out of the cradle, I got a static shock thru the screen. While on the call I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the entire screen was a vivid yellow color.
    I wasnt sure what was happening since the phone was behaving normally on the call. When I hung up the screen turned a black color and had a oragne stripe on the bottom. (now Im getting nervous)... I did a soft reset, nothing. I adjusted the brightness and contract to their max and then I could barely see a normal screen underneath all this dark flickering.
    So at this point I have a dark flickering screen with a bright orange horizontal stripe across the bottom going right thru the favorites area, and a white as normal 1 pixel border all the way around.
    Called VZW tech support and they immediately forwarded me to tier 2 and then sent me a new phone by today (Friday).
    I have never heard of this kind of screen issue and just thought I'd share my not so happy lil event.
    Hopefully Treo #2 will do better
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    my original treo had some orange dots thing on the screen. i could not find out how it happened. i just noticed i got those orange dots on the screen. i wonder if it was because of the electro-magnetic??

    good thing is you are getting a new phone.

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