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    Just a thought but the Treo 600 is basically hardware (that I happen to love a lot). Am sure PocketPC 2003 or Linux or even Symbian should be able to run on it once ported onto it? Do you Treo Gurus think that may be a remote possibility? I would pay to get such an application developed that could port other OSes onto the Treo sure one needs to mess with the ROM etc...

    Any comments?
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    Not a cheap, simple job. It seems to me that Palm users want all the bells and whistles, but aren't willing to pay much for it. How many millions would you be willing to pay for this project?
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    Thanks for the reply Fred. I run a small software company and have access to VCs. I am seriously looking at porting other OSs to the Treo and other devices. If it can be done ( or if one can demonstrate a proof of concept) then I could try and raise capital. Let's think about it....
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    Ummm, you'd have to write basically drivers for everything inside of it. Considering that many people couldn't get a bluetooth standard device to work on it, I'd think that it would take many, many months, and millions of those VC dollars. I'm thinking they better start at 5 Million to get off the ground.
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    I think the first step really would be to see what kind of licensing you could get. Would Microsoft even allow for their OS to be placed on a Treo? Same goes for Symbian. How much resistance would you receive from PalmOne? How far apart is their relationship with PalmSource?

    The next part becomes the market for it. Would people pay for Windows Mobile considering how much they've probably already spent on Palm OS software to do what they need the Treo to do?

    Personally, I'd just be happy if PalmSource released OS upgrades for the Treo, giving us the path to go to Cobalt.

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    If Cobalt can be run (somehow???) on the Treo, then I guess one does not need other OSes. I appreciate all your thoughts but some of the ideas that I am working on is around considering smartphones as no different than PCs running different OSes - maybe even dual. Considering the low CPU power, that can be a challenge but certainly not impossible. e.g. Some XDA developers have ported Linux to the PocketPC I guess one could try. Certainly its an uphill battle but if a proof-of-concept can be shown to the biggies, it may work!! Any comments?
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    who cares if they would allow it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wahili
    who cares if they would allow it.
    I certainly don't care, but I'm pretty sure Microsoft has a stable of attorneys that would just love to tear apart a company for applying their OS on a device without them getting a peice of the action.

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    First step is needing source code. We don't have access to that.
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